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Oak Frame Houses

Oak frame houses have the traditional look where the Oak frame remains to be seen externally and internally, often with large open galleries inside. The companies featured in our Oak frame companies page will provide further detail, and have their own picture libraries to gain your interest.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

SIPs are an alternative to block/brick and 'traditional'timber frame. They are prefabricated panels thus leading to a very speedy build similar to timber frame. They differ from the traditional timber frame panels by being a composite of Orientated Strand Board (OSB) facing boards with an insulation polyurethane core in between. They have been used in the US for 50 years but have not been used so much in the UK although some timber frame companies are now using them for the panels. As with timber frame, the walls can be constructed quickly followed by the roof to provide a dry climate for the internal building and fixes.

The external finish can be completed at any time and can be a render finish to the panels, brick or block outer skin or other types of cladding.

More can be found about SIPs from SIPs - by the Building Design company and our page at Useful Links / SIPs.