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Window Sills - continued

Diagram of design for window cill

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This diagram shows the window without the uPVC sill.
It works, but there is not much of the internal window frame
showing. One fix for this is by building the sills from 2 sheets
of MDF which can then be stained or painted or by using
concrete slip blocks instead of brickettes.

Diagram of design for window cill

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design for window cill

Window Furniture

The quality of the friction hinges and handles can vary - check these out. Inferior friction hinges can make for a "loosish" opening/closing action. We have seen instances where the screws retaining the friction hinges have rusted, indeed on one house they all had to be replaced within one year so quiz the window supplier on this. Handles usually are of a good quality and any difference is in the finish. Make sure that the windows can be locked with a key - insurance companies usually require this in order to grant contents insurance. Window suppliers should provide these but just make sure.

Further Window Adornments

Photo of window

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Here, the look of white uPVC windows set in white walls has been enhanced by the use of brick arches above the window.