The Self Build Self Help Site Block and Beam Floors

As the beams are put in place (roll out 4" DPC along the walls for the ends to sit on), lay blocks at each end to ensure the spacing is right - or use blocks of wood cut to the correct length. Here is the first consideration - unless all the beams are small (unlikely) a crane or telescopic handler is required to lift the beams into place. And then, a long beam will require at least 4 people if it needs to be manhandled.

Photo of blcok and beam

Support the Blocks at Walls

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Photo of coping stones in preparation

Next comes another task which will slow things down a bit. At the end of each beam, the gap between the block and the supporting wall must be filled with slip blocks (the beam supplier will provide these).

Slip blocks must also be put in on the internal walls - to provide support to the internal block walls. Except some are left out to provide through ventilation. NOTE Whereas the blocks at the ends can be lifted up to put in the slip blocks, the slip blocks on internal walls must be put in as the block are laid. It is extremely hard to get a block out from the middle of a row once they are all laid.

Photo of coping stones in preparation

Photo of coping stones

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