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retaining wall

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photo of bedding the wallplate on cement

Bed the wall plate onto a cement mix and tap it down, checking with a level to make sure it is level along its length. Simple joints are used to connect lengths of wall plate. Use blocks to keep the plate down once bedded.

photo of bedding the wallplate on cement

The wall plate will also be tied down with galvanised straps and some builders will omit fixing the wallplate at this step. But it does ensure that the wallplate is very well secured and the straps can be screwed to the wall when the first floor is in and its easier to do.

photo of inserting frame fixings

After the cement has hardened (we usually allow a couple of days for a strong bond), secure the wall plate with frame fixings, every metre or so (this and the next 2 photos).

photo of inserting frame fixings

The plastic plug of the frame fixing is hammered in first (photo on the left) followed by hammering in the screw.

photo of inserting frame fixings
Having hammered the frame fixing screw so far, the screw is driven home with a cordless drill or impact driver.

photo of trusses on a wallplate

The final fixing consists of fixing galvanised wall plate straps over the wallplate (fix with clouts) and onto the internal leaf (fix with screws into plastic plugs).

The wall plates are now ready to receive roof trusses, providing a firm base for fixing the trusses with truss clips.

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