The Self Build Self Help Site Some Good Things to Have

Screws in Trade Cases

A trade case containing a number of different size screws just makes it easy - no searching in the box of assorted screws that we all have accumulated.

24" Demolition Bar

Also known as a crowbar, useful for easing objects, removing blocks where they shouldn't be and taking things apart.

Utility Bar

photograph available from this linkUseful for closing up tongue and groove floorboarding, removing nails and even cleaning debris stuck on surfaces.

Plastic spacers

You can get plastic spacers photograph available from this link from some builders merchants, we get ours from our window supplier. They are colour coded according to their thickness. They are wonderful for truing up things, and getting things plumb and level. See the photos below.

Diagram of structure of soffit

(Click on pictures for a larger view)

Photo os soffit

Spot boards

These may not be supplied by the brickies, who will require 2' square sheets of, eg 1/2" plywood for cement.