The Self Build Self Help Site project management
The way in which a self build project is managed can make or break it - no surprises there! But it is not until you are into a build project, especially a house in its entirety, that you will realise how critical it is to get the project management right, how much of your time it takes, how many things can deviate from plan (OK - 'go wrong'), how you are at the mercy of the weather and sub-contractors etc etc.

We are not trying to warn you off - managing your own self build can be extremely satisfying - but do not enter into it without doing your homework, planning properly and keeping on top of things.

The notes in this section assume you will either be project managing yourself or will give an insight into what your project manager is doing for you.

If you do employ a project manager, or main contractor, ensure that you define very well what they will be doing and what they will expect you to do. The tasks described in these Help pages, and in The Build Process, should enable you to identify the tasks that need to be done by someone.

Some of the early tasks will revolve around the plans, discussion with your architect and the local planning authorities. Once you are making progress here you will then start to consider getting contractors/sub-contractors, finding materials suppliers, applying for services, buildings warranty etc.

Once the build is underway then you will be in a continuous state of identifying what materials are needed next and ordering them (sending stuff back when not up to scratch) chasing suppliers, chasing sub-contractors, reviewing progress, managing problems, checking back with the design/plans, checking on your funds, dealing with Building Control, filing invoices - and more.