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Header photo of a sunset

From the link The Build Process there is an outline explanation of the building process for a new build, with an associated, extensive, picture gallery. These pictures cover all the major steps in the house building process, will give you a hint of what is in store for the self-builder and will, we hope, whet your appetite for a self-build project. Again, these pictures will be useful for complete builds or smaller building projects.

The directory listings of providers of goods and services are an important part of this one-stop shop. The National Directory lists nation-wide companies that provide goods and services and links to their web sites.

The Local Directory lists local companies that can be searched by UK county and by trade type - at the moment only England and Wales have entries.

The Product Finder link provides a directory of products and manufacturers, with links to their web sites. Browsing this may give you ideas for features that you had not even dreamed of.

Although much of the information is targeted at brick/block builds, the information is just as useful for those intent on timber built houses. And for those who want to build a house of straw, then one of the topics found under Useful Links will provide many links for straw bale building! The "Useful Links" section provides a wealth of links for further information - from Health & Safety to Environmental Matters, Builders Fedarations, to many Instructional sites to ----- well, just have a look.

There are always exhibitions and static sites dedicated to self-building and DIY and these can be found at the link Exhibitions.

Happy building!