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Often the most important things to consider are the things that no-one ever thinks to tell you until it is too late! Below are the top ten self-build tips that we and other professional builders have come up with.

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  1. Contractors - you must have excellent contractors working for you - almost everything depends on how well they perform in their various trades
  2. Quality - never underestimate the importance of quality - keep in mind at all times "attention to detail". This will ensure that you won't have to spend money and time reworking anything (actually its almost impossible not to rework something - but minimise it!), the finish is good, the build is sound - you won't get cracks, you won't have water coming in, etc etc.
  3. Simplicity - don't get too complicated with the design - in general, the more complex, the more expensive to build. See the design pages

  4. Plan well ahead - on the day to day planning aspect, anticipate what's going to be needed where and when and plan for when materials or contractors do not turn up.

    For planning at the start of the project, see the Planning pages

  5. Storing materials - be careful where you store materials to avoid double handling - especially for heavy or bulky materials such as blocks and plasterboard and avoid getting things in the way eg blocks where they need to be laid!

  6. Bulky materials - get heavy/bulky materials needed upstairs before the stairs go in - such as plasterboard sheets.

  7. Services - get services, especially water and electricity, in as soon as possible. Contact the utility companies as soon as the plot is yours.

  8. Keeping water out - Pay great attention to keeping all aspects of the house water-tight - give rain half a chance and it will get in!

  9. Painting - Stain or paint the woodwork (skirting board, architrave, window boards) before it is put onto the walls

  10. Drains - put the drains in before the scaffolding is erected

  11. and an extra one for luck

  12. Complete each job as you go. There is always the tendency to go on to another task before you have finished the current one - sometimes it's because priorities change or resources become available/unavailable. However try not to leave tasks until later - you will end up with a mass of unfinished tasks which will take longer than you anticipated, before you can get the completion certificate, move in etc.